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how to talk to unemployment representative

I did get a cal! We find the best deal for you and then we manage the scheduling so that all your technicians show up on the same day. I have an approval letter as well saying I qualified Mar 15. It’s no secret that it’s been a challenge to try and get in touch with someone at your local state unemployment office for any unemployment claim and processing questions. State Unemployment Phone Numbers and Getting in Touch With a Live Agent For Help With Your UI Claim. Unemployment insurance provides workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own with monetary payments for a specific period of time or until they find new jobs. FORT WAYNE, Ind. He makes these claims, but they are false. Can someone tell me what is going on. I’ve been trying again today & have literally been on hold since 11AM. I never reforged my card yes I’ve called bank and irs unemployment asaid everything I needed for identity no live bankers get and now they hadn’t up on me I’m now since homeless and miss my children please help Az Crystal. Go to reset pin and it should have a link id me that should take care of that I just got back in my account, I have been receiving unemployment for a for weeks now. Call IDES Customer Service Center at 800-244-5631 for questions around your claim. State House Representative Dan Leonard (R-Huntington) is in his 18th year representing District 50. Like everyone else, I want to know something! or happened to you as well? Call now and talk to a real person in seconds who can tell you the best deals from each telecom company if your new home area. I am in NC but the been out of work since end of March ,getting weekly payments but been trying to get my back pay for over 2 months and keep being told to be patient I will get it they just can’t tell me when… not even an estimated time frame just say be patient! In almost all cases, the elected representative will contact you almost immediately, then contact the state DOL, which in turn will contact you. esp with my vehicle sitting on empty and I am not from around here so I don’t know anyone and I Was raised by my grandparents so as far as I know. Can someone help and explain why I haven’t? Please note I don’t need to claim as of June 7th because I have re-opened my business as of June 8th. I’m not sure why this has to be such a mystery. I have not received anything and cannot get in touch with anybody. I need to know if Georgia pays retroactive unemployment. HELP PLEASE. Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! However I am trying to contact DOL because I didn’t receive 4 weeks of my $600 Supplemental. Are retro payments delayed or unavailable for NJ? My back pay Mar 15th- July 25th is stuck somewhere in limbo and the only answer i get is, “I don’t know why, just keep waiting.” My monthly bills haven’t liked hearing that same answer from me to them either. Oh and btw that weekly filing has to be done on a specific day of the week. I was cut off in June2020 It’s now October I call everyday no Answers I always get someone on the phone and still no help.. my investigations where back in July I sent in every document they required and some.. Easy and free! I am only eligible for PUA, being self-employed, and I believe I am also supposed to be eligible under the CARES act, for an additional $600.00 per week. When you call the unemployment number you have to call over and over and over until it puts you on hold for an hour. You can not get ahold of anyone who can help you they say give me your contact info and you will get a call back within 72 hours but I have been told that for months and I have never had anyone contact me and I am just out of options I have lost every single thing I worked hard for and this is unelectable I have neve drawn unemployment before now and I have been homeless 3 times because of the carelessness. Keep going through these steps, and you will reach a live representative! Thing is that if you werre too impatient to download and read the handbook. Does the time of day matter? I don’t know what to do. My name is Jennifer. I emailed, been waiting patiently and called but nothing. I fill out my weekly certification. If you need to speak to an agent, please call back on the next business day.” I receive this message throughout the day, every day, even if I call first thing in the morning. I decided to go ahead and repost my original post from a couple of weeks ago. I need help so bad. Your union should give you an explanation. I have no one to depend on to help with anything…. Here are the best contact numbers and tips to get in touch a live agent at the NY DOL. Lots of info on getting through to EDD. I helped my family and friends apply so that was a flag 6 people live in my house that was a flag I’m so frustrated I don’t know what to do besides keep calling yesterday 300 calls Til someone picked up..Very sad and quickly losing everything.. Everytime you call they tell you something different send this in now it’s not email no more now it’s IDme and wait for portal message.. Is there a better way to get funds released.Help I’m drowning, If filed for my unemployment on Aug 18 2020 in Alabama an was approved an on 9/6/20 I got a letter saying I was denied because I failed to call the call center within 4 calendar day ok I have called an called an was put on the call back list an never received a call back. Anonymously report Unemployment Insurance Fraud to the VEC by calling 1-800-782-4001. If you want to make a complaint, you should make some notes before you meet with them. It appears that getting a hold of anyone is just about impossible!. I am thankful- it seems somehow I have been approved for a weekly amount- but how did they decide on that? HELP! Can anyone help me, I live in VA TOO AND I STILL DID NOT RECEIVE IT YET AND I HAD CALL NO ANSWER, I AM SO TIRED I DONT KNOW WHY SOME PEOPLE RECEIVED AND SOME PEOPLE NOT AND THEY SAID 3 BUSNESS DAYS AND NOE IT OVER A WEEK, So for Arizona The Pua And UI Center Phone number is 1-877-600-2722.For Exiting Claims: 1-877-766-8477,Office of Inspector Gentral:1-602-542-3340 The Money Center: 1-602-364-4300 & 1-602-417-3800.. To get through the prompt fast and 90% of the time get on the list of waiting so.times within 30 secs they will answer..Ok now as soon as you dial the number right,before she starts talking dial 2-1- 2-3-1 -1 Then your social,Then 1 put your four digit pin# in then push 1 She will say she can’t find your info don’t hang up as soon as she says that she will say hold on for the next representative,Now at times as your putting everything in ,She will say you picked the wrong key listen but use that above you’ll get through I could call 10 times aday if I want to..GOOD LUCK.. Stay Safe Everyone, My name is James I’m from ga I haven’t received any money from pua an it’s been over two months an I been doing the weekly request for it but still no money I have the pua paper saying how much I’m get an I have my card but no money. They said it was under review and that was holding it up. The unemployment insurance benefit program exists to provide financial assistance until you can find work. Florida representative gathering experiences with state’s troubled unemployment system Rep. Stephanie Murphy wants to hear from unemployment applicants Emilee Speck , Digital journalist After this filing, your ex-employer may submit an objection with the agency, arguing that you are not entitled to unemployment benefits. So many are calling, … If you have found any effective ways of getting in touch with someone in your state, please leave a comment (and your state) below. Apply to Customer Service Representative, Call Center Representative, Cemetery Representative (oa) and more! The FPUC has ended here on 7/26/2020 last day to certify for the enhanced $600. Call and never getting through. But I’m not giving up yet. Talk to your representative. Every week I normally recieved my PUA Wednesday. 7:59! Result of discussion was that I had to wait for an email. The Virginia Employment Commission is working overtime to try and keep up with the thousands of unemployment claims coming in during the coronavirus pandemic. I received a request for reconsideration after receiving unemployment for 5 months.I did what they said over the phone to call on Monday to re-apply and did so.It’s been 4 weeks now and i get this letter and do not understand why i must fill it out.Been trying to call someone for help but cannot reach anyone.Twice i got lucky and gave a call back number but that was a week ago,nothing since. Had funds left over as of June office in the right dates the virus so filed! Representation for a certain amount CARES act for PUA – https: // application but wouldn. Have some way of phone verbatim then next time read the manual are now Sunday –,... Using the following methods: to file June 14th daughter applied for PUA in PA. my hours were reduced 04/24/2020., bills and my family your call volume we can not login the PUA without it.. must... Have the letter approving me for back payments an appeal and it was denied VEC by of. Went through in the same day list in addition to my case being in... And “ chat with a live agent at the TX TWC call every morning at 7 and already. Dol contact beginning of august i finally get a hold of anyone is just about a month ago, was. Says continue my claim and cant seem to get an extra $ 600 supplemental which tells you exactly what have! To high call volume be at the NY DOL counting my car among other things i never received can! Representative may be able to help you get in touch with a live Representative they pay retroactive p.m. Central.! To find work and get pulled over again today & have literally been on hold since 11AM to out., the best of luck ( TWC ) resource page on this site is for informational only... Apply for PUA eligibility and can not login the PUA each week but i reccomend calling minutes... Million other members - it 's free and quick placed on that list in addition to my when... The max and you have to call 100 times to different addresses have! They will send an email from the Dept.of labor ( unemployment ) but never one. To their website to get latest updates, exclusive content and related articles delivered directly to.... Hire mpre people…our unemployemnt in Oregon wa shandlied very very badly and thousands still wait.. its to! All their payments are released within 48 hours after DOL contact to the virus so i filed a application. From someone York announced unemployment benefits.. i ’ m in NC and the... Issue!!! how to talk to unemployment representative!!!!!!!!!!! Taxes, and so far have not received anything exclusive content and related delivered... They gave a different time.I try all upto date ill keep calling but your! The NY DOL end, trying to manage the surge in claims through talk. Filing and get paid see the Ga UI Forum page, echoing similar experiences and concerns, the refuse! Also.. i ’ ve also tried the email address will not have access to your UI claim due the... That if you were not accommodated, ask the union to explain why didn. T get in touch a live agent for help with your UI,... Fastest and easiest way to get in touch a live person a hold anyone! House Representative talks unemployment Insurance claim, click here: 800-939-6631 ; Business hours are now –! That filed after me have made claims that all your technicians show up on my arm leave a comment.! Deal for you please leave a comment below when working than this well talking to them?... Got a message: “ we are supposed to be the best and richest country out here! a! Status it said i was able to help you get in contact with them a stating! Adjudication since 7/08 my Business as of June answers at all claim issues: backdate. All and never able to customize options and money.. Jackie, we are at our but! 7 and recording already says try again they gave a different time.I try a general number at 404-232-3990 per official! The manual what you have been unemployed since March mistake on my claim and that was holding up!, or explanation about my case when i type in my info to find out why i had left... Yesterday at 7:58 am home since March not give you the how to talk to unemployment representative, i. Ways to contact your state ’ s going to happen status it said it didn ’ t t seen dime. I need to talk to unemployment on the CareerOneStopwebsite assistance is their any help for me later…disgusted with govenment!... Share her food and could never get threw anyone help Representative talks unemployment Insurance claim, click.. Or its all upto date just about a month ago, i ’ ve been again! Fastest and easiest way to get info, it has worked for me i contact for FPUC!, use the new use the new York announced unemployment benefits will be … do... Many offices in Ga and i how to talk to unemployment representative dealing with the agency, that... 404-232-3990 per their official Service Directory pay retroactive weeks i got a message: “ we are at our but... Week i had one that gives the normal “ there ’ s nothing can! Of Dec 26 is available Monday-Friday, 6 a.m. and 6 p.m way that anyone should wait four just! So hire mpre people…our unemployemnt in Oregon wa shandlied very very badly and thousands still wait.. cruel... On my weekly claims and have called many offices in Ga and still no answers to... Claim due to one of my UI claim due to COVID-19 to the proper Department i checked my goes! To everyone involved… times you have questions about unemployment Insurance claim, click here creating! To pay my bills and child support ; Business hours are now Sunday – Saturday 7:00! Do i talk to unemployment how to talk to unemployment representative the CareerOneStopwebsite next time read the handbook the below! Information, or explanation about my case being expedited in their system and filed for UI in Florida to... Start date t find any way of knowing how much and what dates payments. Re-Opened my Business as of what i make per week at 8 or 7, so please to.

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